Watercooled Chillers
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Cooling Capacity: 86-886kW

30HK / HR  Water-cooled Piston ChillerHigh Quality & Low Investment

Control Investment Operation Cost, Carrier Saves More for You
  • Low initial investments accelerate the cost return;
  • Simple installation saves installation fees;
  • Stable operation and convenient maintenance decreases maintenance fees.


Reliability from Specialization

Carrier strives for perfect details of a chiller.
Carrier’s Trump Technique – 06E high-efficiency semi-closed compressor

06E high-efficiency semi-closed compressor is one of the products Carrier takes the highest pride;
Through a 40-year development, 06E has become a symbol of durable use;
At present, thousands of 06Es have been applied in various industries and become a most representative technique of Carrier.


Unique Multi-chiller and Double-circuit Design

Start the chillers one by one to reduce the starting current; Separate double-circuit improves reliability; Start or stop compressors flexibly to match users’ requirements and to realize energy-saving operation.


Customer’s Story about 30H Series

“Carrier 30HK is a credible partner to make me easy and relaxed.”

I started my investment in the food and beverage industry 10 years ago, and I chose Carrier 30HK Water-cooled piston chiller at that time. I have been always satisfied my choice for that in the past years, it has hardly brought me any troubles. Stability, comfort, simple operation and low investments make many benefits for me, and I recommend Carrier 30HK to all friends needing a central air-conditioner! It can bring you easement really! My fifty branches will put into practice at once, and I also choose Carrier. A good air-conditioner shall endure for time.

“Without a large investment pressure, establish my business easily without burdens!”

My factory is not very large, but a central air-conditioner is necessary for production. I have bothered for a long time for large investments and heavy burdens of central air-conditioners. Through explanations of Carrier’s sale personnel, I learnt that there was an easy solution for me. With a 40-year development, Carrier 30HR water-cooled piston chiller is featured with stable performances and an economic price to reduce investment burdens. As expected, the Carrier 30HR has hardly failed after installed that saved much money and minimized troubles, and also shortened the forecasted profit circle a lot!


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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to save the earth and increase energy savings with digital technology that provides superior control and cost efficiency with the DC invertor compressor. Super-accurate rotation of an environmentally sustainable compressor results in power savings of up to 50%* (compared to AC Fixed Speed compressors) and quieter operation.

With the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

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