Air Handling Unit
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39GCISB 39G offers...

  • Units are designed in accordance to
    • ARI Standard for coils (ARI 410)
    • ASHRAE Standard for drain pan (ASHRAE 62-89)
  • Double wall with 1” & 2” 40kg/m3 CFC-Free PU Insulation (HCFC 141b). Isolates insulation exposure to the air stream.
  • Wide range of coils offering – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 rows and 8, 10, 12, 14 FPI for chilled water. Optimized coil circuiting. DX Coil (4, 6 rows) and Hot Water Coil (1, 2 rows) are also available.
  • All chilled water, DX and Hot Water coils are factory pressure tested at 400 psig as standard.
  • Coil tracks enable easy coil removal for complete cleaning and assurance of a dry unit interior.
  • Powder painted sloped galvanized steel drain pan with bottom drainage.
  • Forward Curved, Backward Curved and Airfoil fan
    • Forward Curved - sizes 160 ~ 1000mm diameter
    • Backward Curved / Airfoil Blade – sizes 225 ~ 1000mm diameter
  • Low leak construction with hex socket compression, type latch assemble and ribseals on mating panel perimeter. Factory installed unit base of 100mm height, constructed of 14 gauge galvanized steel.


50mm NTB Features:

  • Composite Corner Piece (Trileg) - Nylon 6 + 30% Glass filled.
  • Non Thermal Bridge (NTB) Aluminium Frame Extrusion.
  • Non Thermal Bridge (NTB) sandwiched panels and access doors.
  • Non Thermal Bridge (NTB) quality panel to frame fitting.
  • No condensation problems in humid environments at low internal temperatures.
  • Hygienic: due to smooth internal and external surface.
  • Rigid construction with aluminium framework and machine injected rigid polyurethane foam panels.
  • Spring-mounted fans for low vibration transmission.
  • Dry, corrosion free construction.


Compression Latch (Hex Socket)   Chilled Water Coil With Steel Header (CU and Alum Fin)
Compression Latch (Hex Socket)
Only requires the use of hexagon wrench to open / close the access door.
  Chilled Water Coil With Steel Header (CU and Alum Fin)
Coils are of aluminium / copper plate fins with belled collars and bonded to 12.7mm OD copper tubes by mechanical expansion. The coils have galvanised steel casing and steel headers with male threaded connections.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to save the earth and increase energy savings with digital technology that provides superior control and cost efficiency with the DC invertor compressor. Super-accurate rotation of an environmentally sustainable compressor results in power savings of up to 50%* (compared to AC Fixed Speed compressors) and quieter operation.

With the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

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Living Plaza Bekasi Mall: Pemasangan AC VRF Toshiba Total Capacity 1000HP


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